1. Opening and configuration of accounts in main social networking sites: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube

2. Eight monthly updates on each social network account: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube

3. A monthly promotional e-flyer which may include links to website.
»Development and editing of text
»Graphic design and logo
»Sent to over 500,000 people.

4. A monthly press release sent to media from across the continent.
»Development and editing of text.
»Graphic design exclusively created for your company or ministry.
»Editing of photographs
»Sent to a list of over 5,000 members of the international press
»Publishing of press release on website of an international news agency.
»Publishing of press release, edited for the general public, on Facebook and Twitter.

5. A monthly e-newsletter with 5 products (max 3 pages)
»Development and editing of text
»Graphic design with products and logo
»Sent to over 500,000 people.
»Publishing on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Placement of web banner with an international news agency for approximately 20 days.
»Development and editing of text
»Graphic design with logo

7. A monthly newsletter exclusively for VIP determined by the client.
»Development and editing of text
»Graphic design with products and logo
»Newsletter sent to list provided by client

A personalized and exclusive service:

8. Exclusive P.O. Box address in Miami, FL to receive correspondence and send collected correspondence to client once a month (for packages and door to door delivery, additional charges will apply).

9. Exclusive telephone number in Miami with answering services 8 hours a day, Monday thru Friday (answering as: International Marketing Office).

10. Staff to answer telephones and answer emails relating to marketing.

11. Development of a relationship with Expolit.
»Reserve spaces and contract on behalf of client with Expolit.
»Pay on behalf of client in order to close deals.
»Basic booth design.
»Obtain quotes for booth set up.
»Hire temporary staff to run booth.
»Organize parallel events during Expolit such as presentations or workshops.
»Manage agenda for meetings.
»Manage hotel reservations during Expolit.