BTL Marketing,¹ which stands for “below the line” is an advertising technique that involves the use of means of communication for marketing and targeting of specific market segments.

We are a company that specializes in the Christian community. We understand their needs, their language, and their means of communication. We reach out to Christian families in order to offer them the best services, the proper products, and the right ideas that are in line with their way of thinking and the challenges that move them.

We are Christians serving other Christians by using the latest and most creative means of communication.

We are based out of Miami, Florida under the company “Vox Populi, Inc.,” which manages a virtual Christian bookstore, Vox Populi Books (www.voxpopulibooks.com) and a publishing company, Vox Populi Publisher (www.voxpopulipublisher.com).

We have been in the business of marketing and advertising for over 10 years.

Tel/fax 001.786.300.1869
14626 SW 104 St. Suite 427
Miami, FL 33186 USA

Judith Barbieri

¹The “BTL” or “Below the Line” phrase develop into more specific strategies for creative means of communication and the introduction of new technologies for marketing. BTL is an English acronym that stands for something that is often referred to as “guerrilla marketing” in the U.S. Allan E. Hernandez defines BTL as: Pure creativity applied to our environment in hopes of promoting and positioning a brand; non-conventional communication efforts with high impact and low cost.